An ode to water

There are much more pressing things.

I could do a blog post about other things – things on my mind, things we’ve accomplished (week 24 – check! – which may come yet in the next few days), whatever.

But instead, perhaps because it is cold outside and I’m longing for warmer weather, perhaps because the subject came up on a forum I frequent today – I just want to share about water.

Not like the glass of ice water that is sitting next to my computer.

But swimming – because, as you may know, I love summer and one of the main reasons I love summer is because of water.  And, as is the case with many things, I think about summer now, with kids, and I picture mine outside in the sprinkler, or at the edge of the pool, or at the beach.

So I’m just going to indulge myself in this and imagine that it’s more than 30*F outside, and share some favorite memories and pictures of the kids and… water.  🙂

Astro was born loving the water.  Well, okay, I’m lying, I think all babies sort of hate the water that first few weeks.  But past that?  Yeah, it was this.  All the time.


First we have 2007 – Link was 4.5, Astro was about 20 months.  It was Astro’s first time at the ocean, and the two had very different reactions to the rough waves that day…

2_P2_002 6_P6_006 10_P10_010 11_P11_011

Though, in the end, Link was okay with it as long as he wasn’t in the ‘crashing waves’ part.12_P12_012

Fast forward to 2008.  This picture isn’t great, but what preceded it was this:  Astro (2.5) playing in the little pool, kicking around with us in the big pool, and then seeing this float, saying, ‘Ahh.  I’ve been looking for this.’  and adopting this spot for himself for the foreseeable future.IMG_2202

Also the same day that Link took this picture of Astro, which is still a favorite.  🙂IMG_2223

2010: Pink also always liked the water.  Here she thought she *should* be able to crawl in it.  Didn’t work so well.IMG_3718

Worked fine here though.  :IMG_3708_2

And the boys began their obsession with goggles.  Big goggles, little goggles, goggles the size of their faces…IMG_3727

2011 – we got a dog and a sprinkler.  Let the fun ensue.IMG_0694 IMG_0696

hashtag action shot 😀
IMG_0705 IMG_0707

2012 – the year we were near the beach but never had time to go to the beach.  Astro’s reaction:IMG_2846

Also the second time we went to Great Wolf Lodge, during their magical Christmas hoopla.  IMG_3271 IMG_3272

2013: the year we went to Jacksonville and it was October, so it was too chilly to get in the water.
It was oh so pretty though.  ❤IMG_3925 IMG_3941

Another favorite of Astro.  IMG_3955 IMG_3956 IMG_3968

But like seriously, can I just live at the beach?  No?

2014: The year of all these cousins jumping in the pool at the same time… except Astro, who apparently missed the signal.  😛

IMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1276

And of a much calmer ocean than the one from many years before.  IMG_4836 IMG_4839 IMG_4842


And that’s pretty much it.  That’s my walk down (warm) memory lane for today!

Do you have anything like that?  Something you enjoy doing with your family on a (semi) regular basis?


But yeah, it’s decided.  I either need a pool, permanent warm weather, or life on the beach.  Don’t you agree??  🙂




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kiwinana
    Feb 11, 2016 @ 17:37:04

    Beautiful photos, just love seeing children enjoying themselves in water. You sure have some nice memories to look back on in years to come.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Remember Me
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 01:26:45

    I agree entirely life needs to be a beach. We are 5 minutes walk away – ok it’s an estuary but who cares. Great names for your children. How did you choose them?


    • togethersolitude
      Feb 12, 2016 @ 02:05:21

      They each chose their own at the time I started blogging. And it’s funny, because they’ve stayed true to the persona each name invokes. They’re entertaining, that’s for sure!


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