Tales of the perpetually procrastinating homeschool mom, part 1

Aka me.

It’s the end of August, guys.  The end of August.

We are 4 weeks into our new school year and guess what?

I never even posted an end of year blog from last year.  Do you know when we actually finished the 2015-16 school year?
May 3.


Like 4 months ago.


SO I’m going to make an attempt to catch up, one kid at a time.


I’ll start with the oldest.


Link finished up 6th grade in May, but continued working to finish his math book for about another month or so.

Also, my camera has stopped working (most likely an aftereffect of falling down twice with it – once landing in the mud and once on the sidewalk.  o.O ), leaving me with only the camera on my phone, aka some blurry pictures.  Apologies.

First off, a few shots from last spring.  HA that’s so crazy.

Here he’s holding his favorite picture from our last Simply Charlotte Mason Artist Portfolio of the year – Turner.  He chose Snow Storm: Steam Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth because he said he ‘likes how it looks with the storm’.

IMG_4092Here he is playing soccer this past spring.  I think it was the first game of the season.  He’s the one on the left in the pink.IMG_4104At the end of the year I also had each kid choose their favorite of all the art we looked at over the course of the year – his choice was Monet’s Rouen Cathedral, Effects of Morning Light.  He thinks it looks like a castle and likes the ‘massive tower’, particularly the effect of it looking ‘farther away because it’s blurry and faded’.  IMG_4112By the time we went ice skating the last time, he’d become pretty good at it.  This was, I believe, in May.IMG_4136In April the kids had the opportunity to go do something they’ve been wanting to do forEVER – archery.  Yep, Link shoots left-handed despite being right handed.  IMG_4172This was one of the coolest field trips we’ve done – glass blowing.  It was awesome.IMG_4236His finished product, an ornament.IMG_4278We also made a visit to the observatory in late May.  We saw Jupiter.  I’m completely in awe of the size of this telescope.IMG_4616

Now on to this year.

Here he is, the 7th grader!  Wearing one of The Man’s old shirts, as in a shirt The Man wore like 10 years ago.  Link has grown like a foot… ok maybe not quite that much… this summer.  We’re actually about to go through and get rid of all the too-small clothes here soon, and I’m expecting to have to buy quite a few new ones.

IMG_5242A day in the life:

The first object of the day for both Link and Astro is to copy a set of times tables for the day (because I will drill those things until the day I die, apparently) and then copy their respective word lists.  I just made the word list out of words I’ve seen that kid misspell.  Astro’s list is a lot longer than Link’s lol.  😀  Next week’s list looks like this:IMG_5350Then he gets started on whatever.  Usually it’s math or grammar to start with.

His curriculum for 7th grade:

Grammar: Language Lessons for the Secondary Child Vol. II
Math: MUS Pre-Algebra to start with.  The goal is to finish up with that by February/March and start another pre-algebra program, since MUS’s tends to just cover other things it didn’t cover in the previous math books, as opposed to being a traditional pre-alg program.
Writing: Writing With Skill Vol. 1
Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots A & B
Bible: The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Study, Book 3
History: 3rd year of TWTM cycle, from 1600-1850, using the NatGeo Almanac of World History
Science: Apologia General ScienceIMG_5289
Logic: The Art of Argument
Japanese: Irasshai Japanese
Am I remembering everything? … I think so… IMG_5355Link’s 7th grade reading list:

Adventures of Don Quixote (Dover Children’s Thrift) finished
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories (Irving) finished
Gulliver’s Travels, parts 1 and 2 (Swift) finished
Pilgrim’s Progress (Bunyan) in progress
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Coleridge)
My Last Duchess and Other Poems (Browning)
Grimm’s Fairy Tales (Grimm)
Autobiography and other writings of Benjamin Franklin, selected pieces
Goblin Market and other poems (Rosetti)
Pride and Prejudice (Austen)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Twain)
A Christmas Carol (Dickens)
The Charge of the Light Brigade (Tennyson)
The Raven (Poe)

These will be put in when they fit with history:
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
The American Revolution (Bliven)
The Sign of the Beaver (Speare)
Calico Captive (Speare)
Johnny Tremain (Forbes)
The Landing of the Pilgrims (Daugherty)
The Courage of Sarah Noble (
The Witch of Blackbird Pond (Speare)
My Brother Sam is Dead (Collier)
The Beggar’s Bible (Vernon)
Toliver’s Secret (Brady)
Amos Fortune, Free Man (Yates)
America’s Paul Revere (Forbes)
Children of the Wild West (Freedman)

He also has a few YWAM biographies that he’ll go through.IMG_5353

He will have various projects and reports due over the course of the year.  The first is a report on the history of science – he had to choose either a prominent scientist or discovery and write about it.  The grade will go in the science and writing categories.  Last year I had decided on topics ahead of time, but this year I’m basing it more on what he’s studying at the moment – the first chapter of his science book was on the history of science, so that’s what I went with for the first report.  He chose Isaac Newton.

Another thing that we’re doing for the first time is attending a co-op!  We’ve never tried one before, as I try to stay away from academic co-ops because they don’t often align with what we are doing on our own.  So the one we’ve joined is extracurriculars, and I think it should be pretty fun!  Link will have P.E. class, woodworking (which I think he’s looking forward to), Current Events, and Art.


So that’s how the year has started out for one of the three!  Hopefully I’ll have time (aka remember) to catch up on here with the other two soon.


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    Aug 27, 2016 @ 02:21:00

    Busy woman then? Great photos!


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