Tales of the perpetually procrastinating homeschool mom, part 3

AKA the last one.



I know this has not necessarily been the most exciting of series of posts lol, but it was the easiest way to get all caught up on all 3 kids and all the time that has passed without having something really long or wordy.  🙂

So yeah, last up is Pink.

She finished up first grade in May, and she turned 7 a few days later.IMG_4363


But let’s back up a bit.  Here she is with her favorite of our last artist of last year (Turner), Windmill and Lock.  She says she doesn’t know why it’s her favorite – my guess is that she either likes the windmill or the fact that there is an animal in it.  😉IMG_4093

As for her favorite of the entire year, she chose Monet’s La Grenouillere.  She picked this one because she likes ‘the way the water is painted and the trees look nice – so green.’IMG_4114As of last spring, all 3 of the kids could ice skate without assistance – she was just starting to try.  Of course now, months later, without practice, who knows… IMG_4142All 3 kids played soccer in the spring; here is Pink playing goalie.IMG_4210And of course I have to include pictures from that awesome glass blowing field trip I keep talking about!IMG_4246IMG_4248IMG_4277Here she is at the D-Day Memorial.  I have no idea why she looks so dirty lol.  Is it just shadows?  I can’t tell… Oh, well!IMG_4308Speaking of dirty… !!!  Here she is after our field day in May.  I actually should have done a blog post just about field day, because it ROCKED.  IMG_4579Over the summer our local art center does a free art program for kids to drop in and create things going along with a theme.  This year I took Pink – we hadn’t gone for a couple years, and the boys have outgrown it with the exception of (of course!) tie-dye.  Here she has her ‘galaxy in a bottle’ from the first week.IMG_4857Independence day – firework time!IMG_5034A couple of older cousins were surprised that she wasn’t afraid to have a sparkler, and that she’d run with the boys (Link, Astro, and a cousin Astro’s age) as much as she did.  Others speculated that it was because she’s the youngest with two brothers, which may contribute to it, but it’s also her personality.  She loves this stuff!  (and she gets it honest 😉 )IMG_5060All right, moving on, here she is on the first day of school!  Our first day was August 1 – we always start the first Monday of August.  I know that for a lot of people that’s early, but the way we run our schedule it is perfect!  It also gives us plenty of time for time off during the nice times of the school year (autumn and spring), and still has us done with school in May.  🙂IMG_5246

I had mentioned in the previous posts how the boys begin their day – Pink also begins with some copy work off the board, which I get from Queen Homeschool’s Learning to Spell through Copywork right now – we’ll probably move into Spelling Wisdom towards the end of the year.IMG_5385

Okay.  Pink’s curriculum for 2nd grade:

Phonics/Reading: finishing up the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading; Explode the Code books 3, 4, and 5; Beyond the Code books 1 and 2
Grammar: First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 2
Math: Math-U-See Beta
Handwriting we are doing without a book again this year, I’m going through reviewing all the manuscript letters with her right now and we’ll be starting on cursive soon.  For practice she does Draw Write Now about 1x/week, plus any other writing that comes into play through other subjects.
History: Story of the World Vol. 2   (here she is doing something out of the Activity Guide … yes, she’s wearing her swimsuit.  😀 lolol)IMG_5290
Science: TWTM 2nd grade science, using the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Science, the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space, DK/Smithsonian’s Geography: a Visual Encyclopedia, Seymour Simon’s Our Solar System, Insiders Extreme Weather, and Scholastic’s Rocks and Mineral as our core books.


Pink doesn’t have a reading list in the same sense as the boys do yet – we have several supplemental books on her shelf that we read as we get to that section in history.  Some are at a level that she can read herself; others are read-alouds.  Here are some of them:IMG_5383

Right now, she and I are reading The Chronicles of Narnia as a read-aloud at night before bed.  We started at the beginning of the school year with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and moved on to Prince Caspian this past week.  We’re not reading in the order of the numbers on the spines, but in the ‘real’ order. 😉


Pink is also playing soccer again this fall and participating in co-op.  Hers is the only age group with a music class (which I have to admit, I’m now kind of sad that I’m not helping with! 😀 ), and she’ll also have art, geography, and P.E.  Over the summer she took more swimming lessons and we’ve been trying to keep up with practicing on a regular basis, which is making her more comfortable in the water and with her abilities.  *I* think she can swim better than *she* thinks she can.  Which is fine – time in the water with me gives her lots of time to boost her confidence!


That sums up the beginning of our year!!  Today marks the end of week 5 of our school year already – hard to believe!  🙂  And it’s September… boo  :/ !  No, not really… I don’t mind autumn, I really enjoy much about this part of the year.  But winter and I don’t get on well.  At all!  So I can’t help but think that sure, fall is here and all these people are excited, but that just means that I see winter looming on the horizon!!  🙂


Happy school year!


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  1. Remember Me
    Sep 03, 2016 @ 01:53:34

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos and your home teaching programme. Hope you are already planning their Further Education because you approach to learning seems so radical. I’m sure your children will benefit from such a sound approach to education.


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