Wordless Wednesday: playing catch-up!

What have we been doing since I blogged last???

IMG_6257Pink received this hat from an aunt this winter, and it became her daily wear.  Seriously.  Every day.  She even wore it to bed.IMG_6266Science projectsIMG_6314Link made a table in his woodworking class at co-opIMG_6400Roughing it on a field trip to The Mariner’s MuseumIMG_6411A trip to the orchestraIMG_6445A regular favorite – archery!IMG_6489Zoo field tripIMG_6491#zooprioritiesIMG_6514Human bird feederIMG_6518Skyride at the zooIMG_6519Hoodlums 😉IMG_6610A sunny EasterIMG_6687New family member – the CUTEST BUNNY EVER, Floppy!!!IMG_6688IMG_6702Birthday time for PinkIMG_6704Yes, those are panda sheets she’s huggingIMG_6722Spring cleaning time – but for a break, ice creamIMG_6751The end of another successful soccer season for AstroIMG_6854The James River on the Blue Ridge ParkwayIMG_6857Mom/Dad–selfieIMG_6863Wading in the chilly mountain creekIMG_6865Otter CreekIMG_6866IMG_6868IMG_6870Now THAT’S sedimentary!IMG_6871IMG_6875IMG_6883Beautiful overlookIMG_6886Shenandoah ValleyIMG_6889IMG_6891IMG_6910More Floppy!!!IMG_6911Relaxing by the fireIMG_6912

Happy summer, guys!


The Point of Summer (a semi-Wordless Wednesday)

Perhaps my last post had some people thinking (despite my insistence to the contrary) that I spend my summers locked away in front of the computer screen, agonizing over textbooks and typing up schedules and lists and tests, rather than enjoying all that summer has to offer.

I assure you that is not, in fact, the case.

Summer is, in fact, my favorite season.  I love the water.  I love anything having to do with the water.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a pool – if I did (and part of me would love to have one!) I think I’d be in it every.single.day.  So it only comes naturally that, as someone who loves the water, I would love summer, no?  🙂

I actually had this ready to post before the other one, but somehow missed it and forgot about it until now – oops!


So here’s what we’ve been up to this summer:

Up in the mountains for a scenic drive and a little bit of creek-wading, Part 1:

IMG_2148 IMG_2161 IMG_2160 IMG_2159 IMG_2155 IMG_2152 IMG_2151 IMG_2149


Check out the hair on these two!  How cool is that? 🙂


Up in the mountains for a scenic drive and a little walking around (aka Part 2):

IMG_2230 IMG_2242 IMG_2240 IMG_2239 IMG_2232 IMG_2231

Pink trying out the free trial of Veritas Press’ Bible program online.  It’s recommended for 2nd grade and up, but I thought we’d give it a try and see – the first day was easy enough for a rising 1st grader, but the second day not so much.  That said, it still looks like something she’ll like in the future! (and yes, that shelf by the computer desk is still as messy as always.  Oh well! 🙂 )


The Blacklight Run (5k)!  …. which was epically rained out.  I mean that rain was inSANE when it started coming down on us!  And the power went out, so we had to search a bit for the van!  Always an adventure! 🙂 (this picture is obviously pre-storm!  and it’s a little blurry, with the flashing lights and the phone camera)


These 3 on Father’s Day, inside for a brief moment.  We don’t schedule our summers.  There was once a time that we did, when they were younger.  A couple of years ago we stopped that (art center this day, movie this day, etc, etc) in favor of free summers!  And we love free summers.  It’s a great skill for kids to have, knowing how to find something to do and not requiring electronic or parental entertainment!  🙂


The dog and I had this view on a run last week.  She didn’t seem to appreciate it much… 😉  (Sorry it’s blurry.  I didn’t actually stop to take the picture lol)


I hope everyone else is having a great summer, too!

Peace!  🙂

That one Wordless Wednesday where I try to catch up… MONTHS.

Ahem.  Here’s a quick, slightly wordy version (because otherwise it just won’t make sense)!

Spring 2014:

We visited my family in the midwest.

IMG_4756 IMG_4770 IMG_4765 IMG_4763 IMG_4761 IMG_4759 IMG_4751 IMG_4749

IMG_0613IMG_0610IMG_0601Pink turned 5!

IMG_0677IMG_0666IMG_0656 IMG_4747

Dance recital – SO cute.


And some other random stuff – feeding geese and letting our butterflies go from our little butterfly thing.



Summer 2014:

Ummm nothing really.  School started in August, but I already posted those pictures.  We were preparing for a very busy fall (even though we didn’t know it yet).


Fall 2014:

The Man’s grandfather passed away in early September, which meant a trip to the beach for the funeral and lots of extended family time.  We love seeing them – wish we could see them more often, and when there is not a funeral to attend!











We went to Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown Settlement the very next week.


We went to a waterfall a couple of hours from us.  The kids and The Man went to the top.  I did not. 😛


We then went and picked pumpkins.


We also went up into the mountains for a drive a couple different times this fall.


Apple picking field trip – my first organized field trip for a large group!  Woohoo!


Halloween.  How CUTE is Pikachu??!!


My grandparents visited, and we had ‘Christmas’ with them while they were here.


Astro turned 9.



and December:

Another field trip (we had one in November, too, but it was a traveling exhibit at an art museum, so no photos) – this one to a ‘living museum’.  Both Link and Pink have said they want to work there when they grow up.


And… it seems like there is a holiday in December… what was it?  Oh, yeah.  Christmas. 😉



What HAVE you been up to, anyway? … an answer in few words.

Well, we’ve been around.


Home, some.

Pink doing some 'artwork'

We went to Florida (Jacksonville, specifically) to visit some family in late October.

We even made it sort of educational by visiting the Castillo de San Marcos (geez I hope I remembered that right)…

We came home, and of course it was time for Halloween…

Link (literally) for Halloween Pink as Wonder Woman downtown trick-or-treating (check out that walk Pink's got going on...) Link got stopped for pictures lol















(and somehow I lost the picture of Astro sometime between downloading and now… hmm… he was Snake Eyes, so it was just an all black ninja outfit anyway)

Astro turned 8.

Astro's 8th birthday!!

Christmas flew by.

Christmas 2013 - no pictures in the pjs because alas, they turned out to be too big for the boys!  Oops! :)

And Link turned 10.

Link's 10th birthday!!

Does that answer that question?  😉

Wordless Wednesday 10/10/12 – Geodes

Wordless Wednesday 9/19/12 – On Astro’s feelings about going to the beach but not really going to the beach

As in, going to the beach but not going near the water, or on the sand.

Astro is on the left in the pictures.  

He was devastated, poor guy.  The weather and our schedule just wasn’t in our favor to go onto the beach.  I just insisted on going because my camera battery died when we went last year so I wanted some pictures of the kids at/by the beach.

Oh, I got them, all right.  😀  lol

Wordless Wednesday 8/15/12 – a summer evening stroll

A few pics I snapped when the kids and I decided to check out the trail we can walk to from our house.  🙂  We’re a little early for Wednesday, but I have bread in the oven and am killing time between batches…

Oh, and yes, Pink is wearing boots.  She has decided they are in season whether the weather says they are or not.  😉


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