The fam

The Man

IMG_4988The man is the main man :).  He and I have been married 15 – almost 16 now! – years.  He’s my best friend and biggest fan, and can always be counted on to help motivate the kids if they need it.  He helps out with math facts and reading when he’s home during the week, and shuttles us around on field trips all over the place.  He’s pretty awesome. 😉  Best Dad and husband I know!


Link is 13.  His favorite subject in school is, according to him, ‘Everything’.  🙂  He loves all things boys typically love – Star Wars, climbing trees, Pokemon, and video games (Kingdom Hearts and Zelda are front runners).  He’s going into 8th grade for the 2017-18 school year, and his future plan, as of right now, is to be a neurosurgeon.




(They came up with their own nicknames, btw 🙂 )  Astro is 11.5.   He also loves to play outside, watch TV, and play Kingdom Hearts lol… This year he’ll be entering 6th grade.  He prefers not to work if at all possible – however, if he’s going to do it, he’s going to get it done and try to have fun.  He’s been saying for the last few years that he wants to make movies when he grows up.





Pink is 8.  She adores animals – all of them.  She especially loves pandas, rabbits, and kittens and puppies!  She even thinks bats and baby alligators are cute.  😉  She’s going into 3rd grade this year, and still says she wants to work at the Virginia Living Museum when she grows up.




Kida is our 6.5 year old labradoodle.  She spends much of her time playing or begging to be petted by whoever she can… and just being lazy.  🙂  She is ready and waiting whenever the kids get a free moment – and is a constant companion when we’re on the floor.  🙂




Floppy is our baby!  He’s our little Holland Lop rabbit, and as of July 2017 he’s around 5 months old.  He’s got the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a bunny, and seriously, the kids and I adore him.  😀  The Man… well… he’s ok with him, too.  Though he likes to tease us and call him ‘Dinner’.  🙂


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