Why I’m here

There are tons and tons of bloggers out there.


I’m just one of a huge number, one of the more unprofessional, the less streamlined, the more scattered and free spirited.


So why?


I found myself just wanting to share what we do, back when we had recently started homeschooling.  It wasn’t that I felt like I knew much about it – it was just that I liked the idea of giving people – friends, family – a glimpse into the life that we have chosen.  It’s a different life.  A weirdish life.

Over the last few years, I’ve posted about a bunch of stuff.  Some things lasted and others didn’t (Weekly book reviews a few years ago definitely got the axe!), and I’ve never been a particularly prolific blogger.


So I do this to share what we do.  A glimpse into our lives.  I’m no photographer.  There are better homeschool bloggers out there.  This isn’t for people to look at and see the ‘right’ way to do it because there is no right way – there are tons of ways that work for tons of people.  This isn’t for beautiful photos of beautiful moments captured as cherubic children frolic through their beautiful days.  😀  I sometimes get some photos, and try to sprinkle them through to break up the monotony of words.  Because I do love words.

I do this because it gives an outlet for that inner love for words, a voice to the inner conversation.  I don’t say things that are profound and that’s okay.  I do this to share in failures and successes, ups and downs.  I do this to remember, too.  To have a reason to look back over what we’ve accomplished over the semester – to have an outlet for something I’ve been working on, or something that is on my mind.

I hear a lot of the proverbial ‘perfect blogger mom’ and I’m definitely not her.  I don’t blog because we’ve got everything together.  I blog because we don’t.  I blog to share our journey.

I have written some terrifying things on this blog – some things about life and struggles and times of weariness.  But I wouldn’t ever want that to stop me from saying something that I think is important.  I wouldn’t ever want that to stop me from sharing things that I often forget to say in person, or just choose not to.


So that’s why I’m here.  I’m a bit of a free spirit, and the blog reflects that.  I’m not streamlined or professional in any capacity.  I just love life.  If anyone can look at any one of my posts and get something from it, all the better.

We’re all on a journey, and I love sharing it.

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